Windows Defender Application Guard, What Can It Does?

Unsecure Website

Windows Defender is a great security shield for Windows. A few days ago, Microsoft introduced two new browser extensions based on its own protection program. One extension for Google Chrome and the other for Mozilla Firefox and they are both the same. This extension is called Windows Defender Application Guard. It protects your browser and opens an insecure web site without any problem.

How does it work?

Regardless of whether the website contains malware or anything else, you can definitely open and use this site without harming your system. In simple words, this add-on allows you to create an isolated environment so you can conveniently open your Web site like Windows Sandbox helps you test different applications without installing them in your host system.

When your browser tries to open a Web site that contains malicious software, it blocks the connection immediately, then creates an isolated environment and opens the same web site on your computer, using the same web browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to open it.

How To Enable it ?

This is obviously very safe. You can use the Windows Defender Application Guard browser extension to open these unprotected websites on your Windows computer with all its versions. If you want to install this extension in your browser and start using it for your benefit, follow these steps.

If you use Google Chrome, you can visit this page. If you use Firefox, you can visit this page. Download and install the Windows Defender Application Guard extension. After installing this extension in your browser, you must enable the feature Windows Defender Application Guard in your Windows 10 machine and so the same with the other version of Windows.

Windows Defender Application Guard
Windows Defender Application Guard

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To do this you don’t need to install any third-party software because it is possible from the Windows Features panel. So look for “Windows features on or off” in the Taskbar search box. Instead, you can open the Control Panel and switch to Programs, Programs and Features Turn Windows features on or off.

Activate Windows Defender Application Guard
Activate Windows Defender Application Guard

In this window, look for “Windows Defender Application Guard” and check the corresponding checkbox and press the OK button, it will take some time to install the feature and you will be asked to restart the computer. After restarting you can browse the web normally and safely because the Windows Defender Application Guard extension will automatically run.

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