Twitter received 6,900 requests from governments


Twitter revealed the latest Transparency Report covering the period from July to December 2018 showing the number of requests received by the world’s ruling authorities for information on some of the users of the platform. It received 6,904 requests for information on 11,112 accounts and provided information on 56% of those applications, with the company clarifying that the US authorities had the largest share of those requests at 2,092, for 3,860 accounts.

The report also showed a decline in the number of accounts suspended for terrorism and those exploiting children. The platform suspended 166,513 accounts of terrorism promoters and 456,989 child exploitation accounts, thus announcing the low utilization rate of groups and promoters of those ideas for the platform compared to the six months prior to the report the last one.

The number of requests for removal of content from governments and other authorized entities decreased by 8% compared to the previous months with an annual increase of 84% over these applications, with saying that two-thirds of the requests for clearance in this period were from Russia and Turkey.

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