Try “Fenix” Mozilla’s New Browser, Which Will Surprise You With Its Speed


Mozilla is building a new mobile browser called “Fenix”. It’s much faster than before, and now any Android user can try it.
The browser is not only fast but also comfortable. The navigation bar is at the bottom of the screen, so it’s easy to access when you use your phone with one hand. You can quickly share a link, add it to your favorites websites list … etc.

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When you click the button to switch between open tabs, a screen opens showing all pages that are running. There you can also view groups links and switch to private browsing. The browser also supports night mode.
To install the trial version of the app, do the following:

Join the Fenix ​​Nightly group.
Sign up for a beta test on Google Play.
Download the app from the store.

Alternatively, you can simply upload an APK to your smartphone. But in this case, the browser will not update itself.

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