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mi drop

Each of us needs to transfer files or images and even applications between two phones or between a phone and a computer and it is better to be fast, especially if the file is large. In this topic, I will show you the best Android application to transfer your files easily.

The application “ShareIt” is the most commonly used for file transferring but unfortunately, it is full of annoying Ads and sometimes embarrassing one if it appears in front of parents or relatives. In addition to all this, it causes a slow phone over time.

the App that I will show you today is practical and easy, the best thing is that it does not contain advertisements (Ad-Free) and does not need an Internet or Wi-Fi network, this app is produced by the company “XIAOMI” by the name of “MI Drop”.

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This application enables you to transfer files between two phones and between phone and computer and vice versa

Mi Drop
MI Drop

How to use this application?
Install the app (download link is below) and open it then choose to send or receive files.
If you choose to receive files wait until the Icon of the sender appears than press it, now you should be receiving your files.

Receive Files

In case you want to send something then choose the file, image or application that you want to be transferred and wait for the approval of the receiver. when the receiver accepts your request wait until the file to be completely transferred.

Sender MI Drop

Either in the transfer of a file from the computer to the phone or vice versa, you should click on the icon in the top left corner and choose “connect to computer” then click on “Start”. Now go to your computer and open the file browser, enter the address written in the application as shown in the images below and then press Enter. The phone files appear on your computer as if they are part of it. Now transfer what you want to transfer and when you are finished, click “Disconnect” from the phone.

How Look LIke On Your PC

Download link from the Play Store

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