“Stadia”, What is it? Is it a World-Game changer?


What if you can play big games like “Assasin’s Creed “or “PUBG” on an old laptop without a high-resolution graphics card! What if you could use a simple command to play the same game on your TV. Play new games without spending valuable time downloading it or following up where you left off? Well, if all the above scenarios are interesting to you, don’t worry, that’s why Stadia comes from Google with all these features and many more to satisfy many users who have weak devices in front of powerful games today, let us know what this new service From Google below.

First, what is this service?

Google announced on March 19, 2019, in San Francisco’s after a long wait time a new game service named “Stadia”, formerly known as Project Stream. This service will make a direct competition on every console game in the current market, including Xbox and PlayStation.

This service can be called if it is explained in the simplest terms”Netflix of Gaming”. It’s a game streaming service that allows players all over the world to play any game on a laptop, computer, TV, MacBook, and even smartphones, no matter what operating system is on your device. You don’t need a super-expensive graphics card and the best processor, you only need a device that can run a browser and access the Internet and everything is fine.

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Google also revealed that they would use the AMD graphic cards for their computers for the server side, and did not announce the processor they would use but they confirmed it would not be AMD processors, is it from Intel then? Users can play these massive games from any device regardless of their capabilities with 1080p specifications, and the minimum bandwidth requirements of 25 Mbps have been tested in the United States. So this will be an obstacle for this service to be spread in the third-world country, but Google has already tested 720p resolution before, for that maybe the service can be useable with under 25 Mbps bandwidth.

Is Stadia free or Paid?

For prices, Google has not disclosed any plans yet, nor the service charges will be annual or monthly. Pricing will be an important factor because it will allow players to determine whether the broadcast service is worth it or not. The comfort of switching easily between devices and downloading big files and the money saved in purchasing a supernatural computer will attract a lot of users to the service.

Finally, The company said that Stadia will be released in 2019 and have not set the launch date or month yet. It will only be available to specific countries because of a reliable and fast data connection. It will be released in the US And some countries in Europe and Canada.

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