Opera GX The New Gaming Browser From Opera

OperaGX Corner

The family of Opera products is growing day by day. The Opera GX is a new browser based on the 60 version of the opera browser. It can broadcast videos with high quality without problems and other features for the game community.

For users who want to customize their software visually, Opera GX has an easy-to-use Easy Setup tab that includes many UI color options. It also automatically detects any local background images on your system so you can easily use them as full-page screen backgrounds for another layer of customization.

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Opera GX Ram Control
Ram & CPU Control

In addition to browser aesthetics, the most interesting addition is the modules to monitor and restrict RAM consumption and processor. These features can be accessed from the left drop-down menu, which prevents the browser from consuming much of the resources the system needs. The browser also has a unique Battery Saver mode that monitors the remaining battery charge of the laptop and reduces the use of resources as needed.

Opera GX CPU control
GX Control

Opera GX focuses on streaming content not only through the features listed above but through its integration with Twitch through a custom tab, including a feature that enables it to watch videos in floating tabs on video platforms (either Twitch or YouTube) Or any other service.

Opera GX Dropdown right
OperaGX Dropdown right

In addition, some of the original browser functions, such as built-in ad blocker, VPN service, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, are included in pop-up tabs, integration with the purchase and application of the cryptocurrency application, and full interface customization.

This Browser is just for Windows Users for now

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