List Of Phones That Can Experience The New Android Q, with download links!

android Q

Usually, with Android versions, Google launches a developer preview version of its next version of Android in March. Followed by a public beta that anyone can upload in May when they host the annual Google I / O conference.

Google decided this year to do things a little differently by pushing the first developer preview and public beta on the same day on March 13, 2019. On April 3, Beta 2 was released with some bug fixes and new features. Recently, Google launched the beta version 3 on May 7 during the annual I / O conference.

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In addition to Pixel phones, you can also try the new version of Android Q on other phones like OnePlus 6T, Sony Xperia Z3, LG G8, etc. In fact, the trial version is now available for 21 phones.

Phones support Android Q

To learn how to download and install the version available for your phone you can visit this link

Android Q comes with bunch of new features that we will mention now and explain it in seperate post

  • Dark theme
  • Live Caption and Relay, automatic captioning
  • Security patches will go through the Play Store
  • Permissions are more thorough
  • Optimization for foldable smartphones
  • New bubbles for messaging apps
  • Sharing has been accelerated on Android
  • Quick settings within an application
  • Managing the bokeh effect on photos
  • PC mode available natively
  • Advanced customization of the interface
  • Recording video on screen

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