Huawei Banned From Google Android After Trump Decision


The impact of Trump’s recent decision on China’s Huawei seems to be continuing, and will greatly affect the future of the Chinese company and the use of its equipment across the world.

US President Donald Trump signed a new decision last Thursday banning US technology and telecommunications companies from relying on communications equipment manufactured by foreign companies that could pose a threat to US national security like Huawei.

It is clear that the repercussions of the recent US decision are beginning to appear publicly, through the commitment of major US technology companies to boycott Huawei. Google decided to cancel the contract to exploit the Android license between Google and Huawei , Which means that Huawei’s phones are unable to obtain major service updates on Android, YouTube, PlayStore and other apps, which means Huawei’s end on Android, and relying on a copy of its own that was developed in anticipation of the problem similar.

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On the other hand, according to the press reports, a number of big US technology companies are cutting the supply of technological materials on Huawei.
But fortunately, Huawei will benefit from a three-month mission to make security updates as well as its devices capability and network in the United States. As handset owners and current Huawei phone owners will benefit from the new updates of Android Q from Google. Here is the list of devices that can receive the new update Android 10 Q / EMUI 10.

Huawei Android Q

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