How To Recover Your Files After a Ransomware Attack


Recently, there have been widespread ransom attacks on the Internet, for those who don’t know what ransomware attacks are: It’s when a virus attacks your computer and encrypts a particular type of your files or all your files so you can’t have the ability to open these files unless you pay money to the owner of the virus that If he has a conscientiousness, he will give you the decryption key, and the payment here will be with an electronic currency such as Bitcoin, which is not traceable, where you can not know who you paid the money, such as PayPal and others.

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Before I talk about how to recover the encrypted files, I have to give you a way to protect your data against these attacks. You must update your system to the latest version and install a powerful antivirus program such as Kaspersky, Eset.

If you are attacked with this virus and you are using an antivirus protection program, you have to change it to a better one because it is useless. As you know you can’t install two antivirus programs alongside with each other, but you can install one of these programs besides your antivirus program(Malwarebytes Antimalware, Spybot Search & Destroy) they are the ones who have the power to detect and delete(Remove) ransomware.

Now, let’s suggest that you have been infected with this ransomware, you must first delete it by one of the programs mentioned earlier.

Now, we come up with how to retrieve encrypted files and to do this you must download and install a program called “Recuva“, this program recovers files and deleted images. You seem to be wondering now and asking you self my files are encrypted and not deleted why Recuva? I will explain. Some of the ransomware before encrypts your files they delete the files and create an encrypted copy of the file or deleted images and shows you that the files are encrypted. So for a successful recovery operation, you should not add or delete anything. You can recover your files now.


After you delete the ransomware, recover files with “Recuva“, it’s one of the best software in the field of deleted files recovery.

After retrieving files, delete encrypted files and enhance your protection by purchasing powerful antivirus software, I suggest you use “Malwarebytes Antimalware”.

Here is a link to download from the official website


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