“Game of Thrones” a TV Program that spreads malware

Game of Thrones

Cybercriminals are actively turning to new episodes of popular television programs (Game of Thrones) to distribute malware and infect their victims, researchers from Kaspersky Lab, said Game of Thrones tops the list of programs used to spread malware.

Popular television shows such as Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Arrow have received a lot of attention among cybercriminals, according to a recent Kaspersky Lab report, “The Game of Thrones: How Internet Criminals Use TV Programs Famous for spreading malware. “

Television programs are among the most popular entertainment in the world, but with the spread of BitTorrent services for file sharing, ease of online broadcasting and other distribution methods for digital content, these programs often suffer copyright violation.

In many areas, these programs can be seen through illegal channels such as Torrent and illegal broadcast platforms. Unlike legitimate resources, these servers may send files to users similar to episodes of their favorite TV shows. But, in fact, it’s malicious software with similar names, in attempts by criminals to disguise and mislead them in order to reach their malicious targets.

“Game of Thrones” was on top of the list despite the fact that in 2018 no new episodes of the series were released. While there were strong promotions with other programs listed. In each monitored case, it was noted that malware vendors chose the first and last episodes of each season of the series.

“We found that the first and last episodes, which attract most viewers, are more at risk of fraud. Online fraudsters tend to exploit people’s loyalty and impatience, so they make promises to make new downloads available, .

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The security researcher warned users of the possibility of a significant increase in the number of malicious software disguised as new episodes of the series “Game of Thrones,” pointing out that the last season of it will start this month.

To avoid becoming a victim of malicious software that appears to be television programs, Kaspersky Lab recommends only participating in reputable legal services in the production and distribution of television content, paying attention to the type of file extension downloaded, even when downloading TV episodes from a source considered reliable Legally, the file should have an avi, mkv, or mp4 extension, for example, but it should certainly not be an exe extension.

It also recommends that you pay attention to the originality of websites; you should not visit websites that allow you to watch a TV show unless you are sure that it is legitimate and that the address of the link starts with the “https” section, with the same link address or company spelling required before downloading any files. It recommends not pressing suspicious links such as those that take an early look at a new episode; and check and track the TV show schedule.

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