Cut the internet on other devices without any software

cut wifi

Have you been embarrassed by someone asking you for your Wifi password and you gave it to him unwillingly? I have a solution to cut the internet connection on them.
If you want to apply this way, you should have:

  • The user name and password of the modem
  • The Mac address of the devices that you want them to use the WiFi.

Now follow these steps:
– First, open your browser and type the following “” without quote and press Enter.
– Type the user name and password that are usually “admin” in both fields if you haven’t changed them before
– You will see this window

cut wifi
cut wifi

In the area indicated by the arrow, you will find the number of the devices connected to the network and their Mac addresses
– Press the Interface Setup tab and then Wireless.
– Go down until you see like the picture below.
– Your cells will be blank
– Click Activate and then on the next line choose “Allow Association”.
– Enter the Mac addresses of the devices that you want to keep connected to the network.

cut wifi

Now, How Do You Find The Mac Addresses?

1- Computers

– Click on the wifi icon on your computer
– Right-click on the network that you wanna control
– Select “Status”
– And then choose “Details”

Like the picture below shows

Mac address

You’ll see a list of your device’s Mac address.
Enter numbers and characters in the previous table to allow the device to connect.

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2-For phones

– Enter settings
– Then “About Phone”
– choose the device status (picture below)
– Now you will find a cell where the phone Wifi Mac address
– Enter it in the previous table in the router settings

Mac Address Phones

Now save your modifications
At this moment, you have the full control of your network, and you can cut the internet on whoever you want.

The rest of the devices will be disconnected from the Internet even if they have the password

This tutorial is for you. Use it in your personal network, and don’t use it to control others network

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