We're always looking for the best rental companies & AirBNB hosts, content creators and travel agents to connect them together

Connects rental companies with travel agents, resellers and content creators to generate more revenue for everyone.

Fight COVID & increase revenue by tapping into new sales channels

We work with you to find your business ambassadors and give you the tools to do it.

Create partner reseller programs, track partner bookings and commissions. Automatically.

Suitable for car, motorbike, RV, equipment and similar rental businesses.

With Affiworks, you can get referrals from all major digital platforms

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As well as printed marketing using QR codes

The fully automated system you always wanted

Be a part of new, growing business community and build new, relevant partnerships with businesses and individuals

Enjoy 2-level referals (your partners can refer new partners to you)

Track commissions and payments easily

Behind all is a fully automated system, so we can focus on building the community...

The one where partners refer business to you...

The one where you register new partners...

In case you needed a booking system,

Affiworks comes implemented with complete booking software

Let's check the details - How it works

First, register here; once approved, you can immediately start expanding your affiliate and distributor network.

Your rental gets a unique link that you distribute to your potential partners so they can register as your affiliates.


Your partners can send referrals to you via their own link/QR code that they get from the system or they can make reservations via the system terminal (terminal might be available with some systems only).


You can assign and change commission individually, with the minimum partner commission set by the system at 10% for Level 1 affiliates.


Level 1 affiliates can refer new affiliates. In such case they get promoted to Level 2 and receive 3% commission from bookings by referred partner. They can still refer bookings themselves. 

2-level system can help you promote your system more organically and quickly.


This affiliate system is highly versatile. It can be used with virtually any social media and communication channels. Your affiliates can insert links into communication with their clients, behind website banners, under youtube videos as well as use auto-generated QR to send you business and track commission.

We built Affiworks to be open, versatile and flexible. It can be implemented with virtually any reservation system and it can work across any digital and print materials. It does come integrated with Ecalypse rental system.


Affiworks allows you to work globally and it gives your business more credibility as we guarantee commission payout to partners (subject to terms and limitation).

Transparent performance based pricing

3% platform commission (implementation cost subject to additional charge)

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